Kirill Voljanin

Kirill Voljanin

Guitarist and composer from Moscow

    A long time ago, in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, the most famous virtuoso musicians created and performed their own works. Niccolò Paganini, Franz Liszt, Frédéric Chopin, Francisco Tárrega, Agustín Barrios, and many others. All of them were true auteurs, as well as masterful performers. In the modern world of Classical and Russian Guitar there is a clear lack of people masterfully crafting and beautifully performing their own works. Kirill Volzhanin is definitely one of them.

    Kirill's music is a light mix of Lyricism and Expression, musical illusions, and whimsically
intertwined sounds of guitar—an instrument beloved by those fully understanding the subtleties of music.

    Kirill Volzhanin is a firm believer in Romanticism. He says that Romance and Guitar are inseparable.
The greater part of his repertoire is made of the history's most famous composer–performers'
exquisite works, as well as his own pieces, which have already found many fans around the globe.





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Elegant Etude
Classical / Instrumental
Classical / Instrumental
The fate of Musician
Classical / Instrumental
Classical / Instrumental
Classical / Instrumental
By the sea
Pop / Instrumental
Don't leave
Pop / Instrumental
Parade of autumn
Classical / Instrumental
Fairy tale
Pop / Instrumental
Red Boy
Classical / Instrumental
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