Guitarist and composer from Moscow


Kirill Voljanin, a guitarist and composer, Guitar Virtuoso 2013 Award Winner, was born in Kazan, Russian Federation in 1968. His music education started in his childhood under the guidance of his father, a composer and piano teacher in a music school. At the age of ten Kirill started to study accordion and then, at the age of fourteen, he started studying guitar on his own. Studying classical guitar in V.F. Antonov's group, he graduated from the college cum laude. From the age of sixteen, while still in college, Kirill started to work in a philharmonic as a guitarist in folk groups. In 1993 he becomes record producer in Soyuz Records in Moscow. There he managed the commercial music recording division. In 2000 Kirill becomes an independent composer and music teacher. Today he is the author of thematic musical shows like “Guitar in Russia - 20th Century”, “Anders Segovia”, “The Quiet Joy” and others. Kirill Voljanin's work is the new Russian classical guitar music, it's a continuation of the creative traditions of the Russian guitar players of the 19th and 20th centuries, a style that could be called “Light Naïve”.

Kirill Voljanin